Hi, it's me, Flavie, your portrait photographer based in Austin.
I lived in Paris, France most of my life before landing in America. After a year in Los Angeles, I fell in love with my sweet Austin, Texas. I'm a proud vegan dog mom and I'm obsessed with travels.
Flowers are everywhere in my art and I love the challenge of highlighting people personalities in pictures. Meeting my clients, discovering who they are, what makes them so unique might be my favorite part in photography.
Self Taught, I had the chance to grow up with a photography passionate dad who transmitted me this deep love for art. My experience through the years made me be sure about one thing: I can't live a day without creating.
I create tattoo designs, offer portrait sessions, illustrate your book's illustration, create Youtube content to share tips and thoughts with my precious community.
Please, contact me if you have any question.
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